Ask Me Anything: Common Q’s

Jan 26, 2021

Being a good steward of something is to share it. 

I think it’s so important to share what we know, especially if it serves others well. So, welcome brides-to-be, industry friends and current clients. Consider this your resource for all things event and wedding specific. Be sure to check back weekly (or so), as I answer your questions with my best professional advice + suggestions from what I’ve learned over the last decade of being apart of this creative and ever changing industry. 

This week’s common questions:

q: Do I need place cards even if I’m not doing a plated meal?

a: Absolutely! I always recommend having place cards or at minimum reserved table signage for bridal party and family. I was talking to a bride about this and how it’s an extra detail that doesn’t cost much, but so worth it for your guest experience. There’s something special about attending a wedding knowing that there is spot made just for you. Plus, whenever I have attended a wedding with a seating chart or escort cards, it always makes me feel a little extra fancy – and that’s never a bad thing!

q: How do I pick my wedding colors? Does the time of year really matter?

a: It does NOT matter because it is what YOU want whether it’s November or May – color themes are no longer seasonal. 

I’m about to crush some pinterest dreams, but you know what else isn’t really a thing any more? Have a set two colors – no need to say your colors are navy and blush or maroon and gray. Sorry that was blunt, but it makes it seem like those colors will be thrown up all throughout your wedding day + they don’t have to be.  Yes, your colors play a role in the day (of course), but let’s approach it from a perspective of having a thoughtful design and cohesive aesthetics (can you hear my interior design background coming out here?!) Instead, describe your wedding day as romantic, southern, modern, etc.. Just because one of your colors is blush, it doesn’t mean bridesmaids, linens, napkins, plates, all the things need to be blush too. It can be more intentional than that. 

q: Is writing your own vows still a thing or too traditional?

a: Abso-freakin-lutely it’s a thing! You don’t have to have a way with words to write your own vows + they can be short and sweet. And who knows, maybe your partner will surprise you – like Jeff did to me. At the end of his vows during our elopement, I literally said, “ Wow! That was so good!”

However, if you think you’ll be a cry fest and the words will be mumbled + hardly understandable, maybe opt to write each other personal letters on the day to read in private or during your first look. It’s still just as thoughtful!

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