Ask Me Anything: Newly Engaged

Jan 21, 2021

Being a good steward of something is to share it. 

I think it’s so important to share what we know, especially if it serves others well. So, welcome brides-to-be, industry friends and current clients. Consider this your resource for all things event and wedding specific. Be sure to check back weekly (or so), as I answer your questions with my best professional advice + suggestions from what I’ve learned over the last decade of being apart of this creative and ever changing industry. 

First up, newly engaged questions: 

Q: Where do I begin with you-know-who still around? 

A: Not gonna lie, covid is still playing a role in how weddings + events move forward and probably will be for the remainder of this year. The simplest answer: trust your vendor team + keep moving forward with a plan b in your back pocket. Vendors have fortunately (or unfortunately) become very adaptable to the current event climate we’re in. Be sure to lock in your dream team sooner than later as a lot of our more popular dates may have already been scooped up by a postponed client.

Q: Any budget tips?

A: Ahhh the B word. 

It doesn’t matter if your budget is 30k or 100k – we all have things that are important to us when it comes to our wedding day. 

I was chatting with a bride as we discussed their budget and the best advice I can give when deciding where to spend money is to establish what your top 3 most important, non-negotiable, must-have things are for your wedding day. This is key so when decisions come up that you’re unsure about, ask yourself, “Is this part of what’s most important about our day?”

Is it how you look and feel on the day? Is it that you have the best meal ever? Is it that every cousin and second cousin is invited?!

Let those be where you splurge. 

If you want your day to go seamlessly, invest in a planner. 

If you want to look back on your photos and relive it as If you were there, invest in an amazing photographer + videographer. 

If you want it to be extra fun and dance all night, invest in a band. 

See, the B word doesn’t have to be scary or stressful. 

Q: Our venue and photographer are only available on a Friday in the month we want to be married – are Friday weddings tacky?

A: Heck no! I may be biased as a Friday wedding bride myself, but I think it opens a few opportunities like seeing some of your guests the day after or saving a little as some venues have non-Saturday deals. 

Some worry that out of town guests will be inconvenienced, but that’s why you send a save the date and update your information on your wedding website. Also, let’s be honest, E V E R Y O N E loves visiting Nashville + makes a weekend trip of it anyways. Friday weddings are becoming more and more popular. I mean, why not do a Thursday?!

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